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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Google Penguin refresh end to great Summer

Google - lets have a party
Here we are again. I remember the Google Penguin fan-fare last year in April, it was nerve wracking.

At the time, nobody seemed to understand what to do - we were all ambling round waiting for the dust to settle so we could settle down and analyse the data.

It was funny; a lot of so called marketing experts from a few bigger digital agencies (no names) waffled and squirmed about the algorithm. The truth was, nobody really knew - it was all waffle.

I've been involved in search marketing now since 2006; not a long space of time compared to some industry giants that frequent Moz and Search Engine Land. However, I do come from an English teaching background and worked in information retrieval for several years as a library assistant so I picked up lots of positive habits working inside a real search engine...!

Once again, a Penguin algorithm change rolled out last weekend. Matt Cutts made some flippant comment on Twitter a few months ago about it going to be a 'great summer' - no it wasn't. Not for SEO's working with demanding clients and expectations.

Often with these things it takes a degree of learned skills and also instinct to spot changes to a website as a result of an algorithm change. We've come a long way since last year. We now know a great deal thanks to the research being done.

But being bombarded with Google algorithms doesn't make it a 'great summer', or year for that matter. Google isn't getting better at providing great search results. It's making it harder for the legit SEO and easier for the gamers.

However, time will how far this recent Hummingbird impacts the SERPS, and for that matter SME's up and down the UK.